Day 1 Practice

This small lesson is just to consolidate the knowledge you received in this block and help you practice it.

Before starting Day 2, you'll need:

  • select 5 niches you want to start in
  • choose 2 out of 5 that you find the most profitable and you have most knowledge about
  • create a list of demographics data of your perfect site users: age, sex, income, location (if possibly, include occupation, education, martial status, religion, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation)
  • think of why this perfect user wants a dating site in your niche. What he/she likes/dislikes

You are not obliged to share this information with us. But if you want us to check and verify it or help you with some pointers, you can message in comments below or reach me at facebook: Alexpilotgroup and email: [email protected]

All of the information we receive will not be shared with any third parties.